----Castlyn offers building opportunities for a wide variety of preferences and living arrangements.  From large lots for family-sized homes to the planned Castlyn Villas designed for those looking to downsize, this residential development is the perfect destination for all sorts of homebuilders!

----The views of Elm Grove from Castlyn are breathtaking.  Some buyers, however, may desire a lot without a view.  Castlyn also has larger frontage lots specifically designed to meet those needs.  No matter what you choose, you can't go wrong in choosing Castlyn.

----In searching for an upscale homesite, the phrase "location, location, location" always comes to mind.  In addition to location, Castlyn offers additional characteristics that make it very desirable -- safety, convenience and progress.

----Castlyn streets are patrolled regularly by the local police force -- a force capable of keeping the area safe, but small enough to know the residents by name. Residents also have comfort in knowing that all services, including snow removal, will be provided by the village.

----Convenience is essential to comfortable living. What can be more convenient than a two minute drive to I-470 or to Route 40?  Located 1 hour from Pittsburgh and 2 hours from Columbus, residents can have safety and low cost of living but still enjoy the big city.

----Bethlehem is proud of its significant growth and progress.  The Village Plaza (shown in our photo gallery) is a welcome addition to this close-knit community.  Additional commerical development is underway nearby.

----In addition to progress in Bethlehem, "The Highlands", a new retail/light industrial park  only 10 minutes away, is currently under construction.  This 400 acre site boasts excellent retail outlets, casual dining and light industrial companies.  Its most notable tenant, however, is the Cabela's outdoor store, which opened its doors in 2004.

----Local school quality is often a critical concern of homeowners.  Both public and parochial schools, offering the best in quality education, are within three miles of Castlyn.  Wheeling Park High School is among the Ohio Valley's finest.

----Recreation is an important part of any community. Bethlehem's Community Park is a mere 5 minutes away.  Wheeling Park and Oglebay Park & Resort can be reached in as little as a 12 minute drive.

----GWH Development L.L.C. will gladly assist in the selection of the home plan that would be best for your lot. Basic floor plans can be computer customized to meet any requirement.

----Use the contractor of your choice and build when you're ready.

----All utilities (water/central sewer/electric/gas/phone/cable) are underground.
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